SECONDATE Good Skin Day Tinted Serum Skin Tint – N15-Buttercream


the good skin day tinted serum is a silky, breathable formula that effortlessly syncs to your skin, providing a ‘good skin’ coverage in seconds that feels weightless. our skin tint moves with you, blending seamlessly while boosting your skin with deep hydration that adapts and enhances it—giving you that coveted fresh-faced complexion you’ve always desired. available in four flexible shades designed to match various skin tones, ensuring you look and feel like the best version of yourself, all day, every day.



available in 4 skin-flexi shades:

N10 – VANILLA (for light skin with a neutral undertone)

N15 – BUTTERCREAM (for light to medium skin with a neutral undertone)

W20 – CASHMERE (for medium skin with a warm undertone)

W35 – AMBER (for medium beige with a warm undertone)

what it is:

a fresh, multitasking skin tint that blurs the line between makeup and skincare.

what it does:

good skin day tinted serum offers second skin in a second. it helps reduce the appearance of dark circles, hyperpigmentation, redness, and blemishes but still fully looks like your skin. it’s enriched with a blend of hero ingredients glycerin, collagen extract, bakuchiol, and nourishing extracts—that provide hydration and nourishment effects to the skin over time.

why we love it:

it’s a skincare-based performance skin tint that smoothens your skin while giving nourishment effects. crafted for minimal color change over time, it ensures your 24/7 good skin vibes. it’s water-proof and has a calming formula for acne-sensitive skin. it syncs to your skin and minimizes pores, giving you the best skin, any day.

key ingredients:

glycerin, collagen, bakuchiol, licorice extract, and coconut extract

BPOM no:

vanilla – NA18230300930

buttercream – NA18230300931

cashmere – NA18230300932

amber – NA18230301012


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